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Memoirs of Beijing, a Walk to Remember

(Written by George Fosana)

Flickr Buddies at Great Wall
“ Coming from a two year employment in a smal West African oil-rich country Equatorial Guinea, I never imagined I could set foot on the culture-rich and one of the oldest civilization- China.”

The joys and the privilege of moving from around the world is the benefit of an overseas worker. We tend to see beautiful places while earning. Not many people from the billion populace of the seven continents has had the experience of such wonderful feat, and I am  fortunate to be one.

Beijing, anciently known as Peking, is such a splendid place to travel for its opulent palaces of the old dynasties. It is, in my perspective, a cradle of one great empire that grew from endurance. The books can tell how colorful its history was.  How much more if one is able to stay for six months and saw wonders of the world we only see on the print and visual media. This is the best thing that happened to me for my employment with Fluor Shanghai, an experience which I would forever treasure and cherish.

Earth has north and south poles, we have night and day, physics has several laws of contradiction.  It is a nature call to have happiness and sadness, thus despite those blissful moments, there comes a feeling of  emptiness which envelops my psyche in some inquisitive moments.  I really am  expecting a challenging work  because it is my first time to work in Mining.  It is well another feather to my cap in addition to my experience in High Rise building construction, Infrastructure and Civil Works, Petrochemical Plant Construction, Upstream projects such as Drilling and Oil and Gas where I honed my Project Controls skills. Sometimes, what you expect is the least to happen and what you need is just to ride the boat and go with the current. Read more…..

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